How can I stop having admin rights in solo?

I accidentaly made myself admin in my solo play and now I see numbers next to every item’s name. I wanted to fix the nudity setting (that won’t let me see my character’s penis floping around like I used to even though I’ve set it to “full nudity”) and now I can’t go back to NOT being an admin. And I can’t even see my warriors junk! Help!

Admin rights are reset after SP game restart. You can also call console (press INSERT key) and enter command MakeMeNormal. But it looks strange. Maybe you are using some admin mod? I use Pippi but I don’t see item IDs, with admin rights or without them.


I do see the item numbers next to the item’s name when hovering the mouse cursor over an item in the inventory, while being an admin.

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Yes, I can see item ID numbers if I’m admin, not if I’m not. And exiting to main menu and re-entering the game resets you to non-Admin status, like Ko6ka said…


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