Turning off admin powers

When I’m in admin I can’t die or lose stamina. But then I turn off the game to play normally and I still can’t die or lose stamina. I didn’t even do password when I logged back in

~ key,

Then ‘MakeMeNormal’ at the command line.

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I’mn PS4… I don’t know if I have that option

Sorry, you don’t.

On PS4 had this happen once. I think I cleared it by changing my admin password and re starting the local.

I believe god mode auto saves. You’ll have to manually disable it every time you’re done with admin mode, otherwise you’ll still be in it the next time you login.

Well that’s annoying. Would resetting the server or remaking my character work?

I’m not sure. But just go back into admin mode and turn “god” mode off, as well as the stamina setting. Then you should be good.

On PS4 in solo / co-op you must make yourself an admin to have access to the panel where you can able / disable god mode and endless stamina mode (and ghost mode too). I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t exactly the same in a private server with the added feature you mus enter the admin password.
And you can’t stop being an admin once it’s enabled without logging out then loggin back in. I hope it’ll be possible in the future if Funcom really is set to add PC admin command to the console.

I am on xbox and this drives me also crazy. What is confusing is, that is does not save the Settings consequently.
An example (offline): I want to try out some things. So i make me admin, set the god mode and disable the need for drinking/eating.

the next time, when i log in, I am still in god mode, but have to eat and drink. This means, the game does not save all Settings from admin gui, obviously it only saves the god mode.

for my understanding, all the setings in the admin gui should be remembered, but become only active for the session, when you press the “make me admin” button. After log out/in no setting from admin mode should be active before the “make me admin” button was pressed.

Have you tried logging into G portal server admin shutting the server off for a moment, making your changes and restarting the server? Most changes need to be made upon server restart on PS4 thru G portal settings not game settings.

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