Stamina Bug Between Rental Server & PS4 Admin

The admin menu on the Playstation doesn’t actually cover all the settings in the game when you rent a server you are granted a bunch more option not found in the menu but than you find some of these settings don’t actually work that exist in both menus so to fix this is to add on the feature to allow us access to the textbox allowing us to type in the value we want.

Stamina is an option that exists in the server side on the rental server but the values have no effect on the PS4 admin menu now in the PS admin menu we get the slider option but we don’t get to access the textbox to hardest a value that the slider doesn’t suggest as a choice on the server rental side you can set a value of (0.3 or lower on PS you either get to choose (0.1 No stamina at all or 0.6, 1.1 and so on. we need to be able to tap into the settings textbox so we can set the actual value we want to use as I prefer a bit of stamina but not 0.1 because it affects all stamina as a whole. or we need a few new settings added so we can control other forms of stamina individually like climbing & rolling tested and tested over again the drain , the cost the restore doesn’t seem to work at all after talking to G-Portal they agree these settings are controlled by PS not by them and they confirm these settings do not work in their panel even though they are there. this bug hinders rented server clients from using the daily reboot feature to assure the server is running at it’s best due to the fact we must log in every time after each reboot to put the stamina value back to where we had it as it goes to a default value (1.0) after every reboot.

There are actually 5 stamina values I have the 4 on hand

StaminaCostMultiplier=1 << PS SETTING
PlayerStaminaMultiplier=1 << SERVER SIDE
PlayerStaminaCostSprintMultiplier=1 << SERVER SIDE
PlayerStaminaCostMultiplier=1 << SERVER SIDE
PlayerStaminaRegenSpeedScale=1 << SERVER SIDE

No matter how these values are set up or changed they do not reflect on the PS admin console they are ignored. please look at these values as they are needed to run smoother gameplay.

Between the.INI and the MYSQL one has no access the other doesn’t or the permission is disabled by default or accident but none the less we pay for server rental and can’t reboot without knowing we have to log in to fix these value that causes a huge inconvenience.

I have my stamina tweaked and server resets every night. However we are playing pvp with building damage off and no loss on death. I believe if you play straight pvp or Barbaric it would result in default settings. Gportal site isn’t user friendly. Also loss of settings after updates good luck

When you say server resets every night. Do you do this? Is there a method? Just curious as I’m still getting to know the Gportal side.

On pc, scripts and the Dedicated Server Launcher tool, see Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.0.38 / Beta: -----)

Idk what you’re able to use for ps4

U can set auto restart / refresh not wipe .daily weekly or monthly day and time set and make sure you save by scrolling back up on right side hope this helps ps4 private gportal server

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