Hunger and stamina settings are broke!

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I have changed all the settings for my server to my liking, but when i try to change the hunger, and thirst settings they wont translate into the actual in game settings. Also the stamina setting but I can access and change that in game everytime I get on which is annoying. However the idle hunger and thirst settings wont change in game or out in the server settings on my browser. When is this fix coming? any ideas?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The same is happening on my Rented Server on Xbox.
Gportal even said its up to Funcom

Hi, Every one i rented a server from G-portal for ps4, and there is no available setting for player stamina. i asked them and they answered that it is not implemented by Funcom. I don’t understand, I am playing on different servers and their custom stamina settings are working fine. why i can’t have it on my own server ?

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