Godmode stays activated even in non-admin mode

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

[Godmode stays allways on when activated]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter Admin Mode, activate Godmode, leave Game
  2. Enter game again, no Admin Mode
  3. Nothing can hurt you, you are still in God Mode

From my point of view, the godmode should not be active, when you are not in Admin Mode.
All the settings in the admin console should be remembered, but should only be active, when Admin Mode ist active.


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Does this make no sense or is it not reproducable, pls ?

Thank you.

As a PC user, I can confirm your observations. Once you relog, the admin “perks” are removed except for god mode. It is something to be looked at but considering that it can only be abused by admins, I would assume it won’t be very high in the priority list.

I always thought this was intentional, really. Feature, not bug kinda style. But I guess it could go either way. It’s perfectly reproducible however, so that should be no problem.

Hello Narelle,

thanks for reply.It is for sure no high priority issue, but at least ugly in solo-playing.
It works so:
I enter game, but am unvulnrable. Have to become admin to set back the god mode. have to leave the game and enter again when i do not want the admin mode :-).

The god mode setting remains for some reason. And that I am invulnerable even I am not in Admin Mode ist irritating.

On PC there is a console command to make you normal and no restart is needed. Not sure if there is one on xbox. Do you have to often go in god mode though? I have never considered it an issue because I dont have to swap between admin and normal player mode all the time. Granted I am not managing a highly populated server which would require me to do so

If I were managing a server, I’d have one account for being admin, with god powers and everything, and another (completely separate character/account) for playing. But I’m not sure if that’s doable on XBox.

I am talking about “offline” mode. Here you are single player and your maschine is your server. Offline mode is like to have a single-player server. So it is obvious, you can only have one char per server and you have to enter Admin Mode for each little change in settings.

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