Admin commands not working since patch.. players stuck in god mode

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since the patch came out whenever i attempt to change a setting on my server once i leave the menu the change does not stick… whenever there is a big update it seems to reset my server to base values and now i cannot change them… i had to take my whole server down because building destruction is set to on and we have a creative non destruction pvp server… please look into this and hot fix it asap…additionally the day before the update i had some friends that i gave temporary admin access to so that we could clean up the server (8 people 8.5 hours to destroy all non active structures) since then even though they are no longer admins and the admin password has changed whenever they log on they have god mode on…help…p.s. thanks for a great year.

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They know of the problem and are working on it. Hopefully soon.

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Summon a Avatar, when timer is up. That game will kick you out of god mode. (For me it has anyway offline)

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It doesn’t accept any of my commands in the settings menu, Xp gain, combat damage, nothing sticks. It allows to adjust the levels, but when I leave the menu and come back, they all revert to default.

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