Some Admin options are not working

Game mode: Single player
Problem: some Admin options not working
Region: Canada

Ello, I’ve been testing the admin options for single player mode and found that some of them do not work, here is a small list of the issues I encountered. :smiley:

  • Fly is not working because I can’t fly for some odd reason.

  • Passive AI is not passive when spawning mobs. I was hoping to spawn them neutral like how the neutral city has neutral NPC’s, but instead got attacked. I had plans to make custom towns elsewhere and spawn neutral NPC’s in them. (kinda doing solo RP hence why)

  • I spawned dragon in the NPC city, NPC’s did nothing as dragon ripped them apart, RIP LOL!
    Not quite an admin issue but will report anyways, looks like it if the townies are standing there while they get ripped. XD

Has anyone else had issues with the admin options?

Most admin features work which is awesome, I look forward to the fixes. :smiley: