Taking someone else out of god mode

I was just wondering if its possible to take someone else out of god mode. I let someone borrow the admin password for my server and now that I want to change it and I don’t want them to be stuck in god mode. So is my only option to have them take themself out of god mode or is there another way.

do you have pippi on your server ? if so i think it’s possive via

No mods that effect admin stuff

The last solution it will be to restart your server and i think you allready know this. Ask the help of the personnel here maybe they will be able to help you. Good luck my friend.

I tried the restart this morning but it didnt do anything unfortunately. Thank you though

So why would they be stuck in god mode? I would just change the admin password and see what happens. Can always change it back.

Ended up fixing it either way but I’m still curious. For some reason when you log out in god mode you’ll still be in god mode when you log back into the game Even without being in admin mode when you log back in. I tried it with my character earlier even after I had changed the password and relogged in I was still in god mode.

last resort would be to recreate character

Thats kinda strange. You would think logging out would clear it like it does when you “make me admin”. Well I guess we all know better now dont we! :smiley:

on ps4 youd have to ask em to uncheck it, im always in godmode if i m admin or not.

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