Recreate character password

Hey funcom can u make it so u have 2 type in a password or something 2 recreate ur character. Little brother just reset me was level 59. Im not playing this 4 a long time now. Ticked off how could u miss this recreate character thing. Why even have a recreate character button in the menu in the 1st place? Its stupid. Should have it when u choose ur server or at least have 2 enter a confirmation password 2 recreate ur character.

I have deleted a character on a keep items on death server, trying to remove my bracelet to teleport home with loot. Never again >:/

Not Funcoms fault your little bro reset your character. There is a double check in place to ensure you really want to recreate. Next time you need to make sure lil bro isn’t playing on your main server file. And if you’re playing offline, simply enable admin mode and reset to the level you were. Take some responsibility man.

That should have worked if the settings truly were, keep items on death. Any death with this active will allow you to keep your entire inventory on you, no matter how you die. Personally played with this in all manners of death.

I’m on OP’s side. Remove bracelet and Delete character are on top of each other. It’s a very simple mistake to make. It should be a little harder to delete your guy by accident. In OP’s case, it’s different because of little brother, but with my experience of accidentally deleting a character I support a small change to make it less likely to happen when not intended.