Move "Recreate character" option

Please move the recreate character option somewhere else. I have done it once some months ago and done it again the other day as I was speeding through the remove bracelet option. I bet you that you have at least 5% player base loss from that alone. Single players, not in clan (system doesn’t let you do it) deleting their character don’t come back to grind fest from the beginning. I am not suggesting to do some difficult coding, just to move that option further in the settings. After all it’s supposed to be a well thought move.


To indulge your curiosity I mean the remove bracelet option in the menu. But I honestly want to know, is my use of English language so poor that you needed to ask or are you that kind of person?


I just miss the days when there wasn’t a confirm choice pop-up on the “recreate character” option, cause let me tell you that’s how it used to be… :rofl:


I wish they could spend 5 minutes to move the option in the settings menu.

I nearly did this in single player, as well, while testing a mod. It’s not as much of a problem in single-player, because you can just load-up a backup save. However, this button/feature SHOULD be rarely used. Perhaps this button should be made smaller and offset to the bottom left or something. I am not sure that it can be moved into Settings, because Settings are toggled on/off (you would have to uncheck the box or re-create a new character each time you loaded the game/server).


It’s true, button should be moved out from main menu.
Or it need additional confirmation, like in another games: enter keyword ‘delete’ or enter character’s name


I like this idea. :smiley:


Great idea. Write delete… But on PS4 even changing it’s location would be beneficial.

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Recreate Character should be put on your personal clan menu so you have to actually go to it. Where ever it is on the main menu, it will always be an accidental, 8 hour day bad click away.


Everything suggests that developers think teenagers are their audience, I believe hard working people with 9-5 jobs are the ones that pay for their game and dlc. 5 to 11 raid hour’s… brutal to defend each day. Losing all your hard and slow earned “things” out of 2-3 wrong presses on the controller… devastating…

Another safety net option could be that when we are asked for confirmation to delete/recreate our character, have to hold down a context specific button (eg- ‘X’ button on ps4) for a period of time, say 5 seconds…? Much like when we skip cut-scenes on certain other games.


It’s very nice to see that other people also want that. Had a feeling at first that i was alone. Yes I am retarted enough to have delete my character not once but twice but since Fucnom isn’t willing to help you un-delete your character, maybe they can move the option. Fingers crossed.

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While it hasn’t happened to me yet, I acknowledge that it could at any time if I were tired/distracted enough.

A small tip that may or may not help you is that if you’re a Clan Leader, you cannot use the recreate character option (unless you make someone else the leader first). So if you’re a solo player, create a clan with you as the leader and you should be protected. Note: I haven’t tested this in the wild. Please don’t try this on Live without confirmation!


Well that’s a very good suggestion, unless you’re not the clan leader… Will try to be clan leader from now on to be on the safe side.

Any official response maybe? Yeah I know I ask for much but you never know…


it’s been a few years since you wrote this post, but I tried in singleplayer right now and the game really won’t let you to recreate, when you are clan leader. You have to leave clan or give the leadership to someone else to recreate.

But it won’t help much to people in larger clans, cause leader can be always only one.

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The good thing is now we have different option menu so the problem is solved :wink:. We use to have it under the remove your bracelet option and many people were doing the mistake :rofl:. Now it’s OK :+1:t6:.


It works.