How Do I install a mod to my Server?

How Do I install a mod to my server? I think I understand the process but don’t how the file path to the mods that I have subscribed to. Thanks in advance. I’m sure it’s an easy one.

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well. I’ll try stating it this way- The mods I’ve subscribed to in steam workshop aren’t loading in my dedicated server. I’m new to CE and it’s dedicatedserlauncher app. I have experience with other dedicated servers for games, however. I must’ve missed something simple. I can’t find much on how the mod manager works and don’t know the required path or what not. Thanks in advance to those that can help :slight_smile:

Find the mod you want on the steam workshop.
Look for the Mod-ID number.

Copy mod id number onto the Server control panel.

Add more mods, by separating the numbers with a comma then a space.

Hope this helps.
Good luck.

Perfect. So Easy- probably why there is little explanation! Thank you so much that is a easy fix and great graphic tutorial btw :slight_smile:

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