How do you cancel a spell in Sorcery?

I haven’t seen anyway to cancel a spell from the staff. Does anyone know how to cancel something after the stones come up?

Default should be “C”, same hotkey as crouch.

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Yeah it’s ‘C’. But there’s no info on that ingame, I just found out by manically pressing everything after trying to cast ice bridge with no ‘burlap sacks’ in my inventory.

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You did that too huh? :sweat_smile:

You can also dodge, dodging cancels the spell as well.

If I remember alt worked as well.

Could’ve sworn I tried that, but maybe not! In any case, it ought to be in the UI which button(s) will cancel the spell.

Thank you!

C, Alt, and spacebar all cancel spell casting.

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Wak, are you having any problems getting to all the first stones that come up with a cast? The last one on the right never seems to be able to get my mouse over it and sometimes I can’t tell which one is lit up. I’m guessing it’s just a visual bug and I’ve had a few.

I also messed up and spawned in some sacrificial blood (not in a flask) and there is nothing you can do with it, including dropping it or moving it. I had to recreate my char so I wouldn’t have the 25 in weight with 5 of them.

Yes thank you so much. It was driving me crazy.

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