How do you disable Telemetry/Bug reporting? This is spamming the game log with errors

I’ve searched these forums and the internet for more information on disabling the telemetry/bug reporting in the conan exiles game server. I’ve also searched all of the *.ini files in the conan directories but I haven’t had any luck even when turning logs to “NoLogging” mode. Here is a sample of the telemetry errors I’m receiving on a live branch no-mod server:

[2022.01.10-10.45.46:496][424]LogDreamworld:Display: http_response throws - could not contact the bug reporting server: WinHttpSendRequest: 12030: The connection with the server was terminated abnormally

[2022.01.10-10.45.46:496][424]LogOutputDevice:Display: Bug report upload failed with result code -1, took 0.128 seconds.

Server settings:
branch: live
mods: none
default server configs (ports etc.)
battle eye: disabled
VAC: enabled
map: Exiled lands

Please let me know if any other info is needed. This is taking up resources on the server and unnecessarily spamming the logs.

Thank you!