How make an sever for the ps4 version and can I do it on PlayStation

How can you make an server for the ps4 version on the PlayStation console or is it not possible?

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You need to rent through g-portal.

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As @everybodyvsME stated you can get one through Gportal its the only available for Ps4 PS5 and Xbox. We have had a 20 slot for years and a ten Slot Siptah server for a couple. You can password set so only your friends get in or leave it open. Many options on Gportal site some are counterintuitive. I just going to say the direction’s for the paragraph you want to change is above it. You can also make settings changes in game. You need a different password ingame than the one on Gportal site. Getting ready for bed need more information. Give a shout

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