How to add oil to the repair grindstone?

Not sure what I’m forgetting but I’m trying to add more oil to the repair grindstone and it is not allowing me or I’m forgetting how to lol…

Can someone remind me the trick?

I never had to repair a Grinder but oil doesn’t fitt in the equation use a repair hammer

Not repairing a grinder, he said a repair grindstone - one of the new tools introduced with the Journey steps

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OK I am bit behind on the new stuff. My Apologies

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Is it completely empty? Might need to be before refill :man_shrugging:t2:

Has to be completely empty. Don’t recall if F to loot all works or if you have highlight the remaining oil by scrolling the mouse wheel then hit Q.

Assuming you’re on PC.

As the above comment says, you can only add oil to it when it’s empty.

The way it works is that there’s an override of the interaction function that checks whether the placeable inventory contains oil, if not, then it performs the default interaction (opening up the inventory), if yes, then it performs the repairing of your items. So there is no inbetween option, you literally cannot open the inventory while there is still oil inside.

It’s fine though as a single item repair costs a single piece of oil, so you will never get partially repaired equipment because the oil ran out. You can just refill it then use again to repair the rest of your hotbar.

Take it back to your inventory and put it back on the floor again, because you can only acess his inventory the first time you put it on the floor, at least that 's how i was able to fill mine.

Good info everyone — thanks!

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