How to add Savage Wilds map into Conan dedicated server launcher

I have tried everything to have Savage Wilds map to show up in the map selection, I’ve even tried different ways that others would suggest to try and I have had alot of suggestions. I have 2 dedicated servers for Conan Exiles one for LCDA Map - The sapphire exile all 4 and SVS_Extended and don’t have a problem running them. It just don’t make any sense at all.

You may have a mod conflict. As it states on the Steam Workshop:

Savage Wilds modifies no base-game assets and should be compatible with every mod that is well-groomed. That said, certain mods might not be, (out of date or otherwise modifying data/core Funcom blueprints in naughty ways) and thus incompatible with the map (for whatever reason).

If it’s not a mod conflict, then there is one thing you haven’t tried, which I suggested on your last post of this same topic. Check their Discord.

According to @Narelle, there is a channel specifically to help install the mod (#installing_the_mod).

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