Adding a new map

I installed your [Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher] all is good except I want to use the Savage Wilds map but when I go to the field where I can select either Conan Exiles or Isle of Siptah that is the only options I have, so does anyone know how I can get Savage Wilds map to show up in the list. I do have the Mod in \content folder along with all my other mods. While the server is booting on I’m watching in the Mod tab to see if it is loading and it does load in. Can someone please help me Thank you.

You will have to get the map to show up in the server’s selection and select it. I have no experience doing this, but I think you have to manually insert the file to the server.

The mod is already in the server but it don’t show up in the list of maps.

It is a mod (that includes a map), not a map, try adding the mod id and leaving the map alone as the Exiled Lands map. The mod should change everything for you to Savage Wilds. If this doesn’t work, then visit their discord.

Thank you I will look and try.

I think you need to manually do it by editing the configuration files.
In which case it would be Engine.ini in your dedicated servers folder Saved\Config\WindowServer\
And adding:


The path for this map I found through google as I wasn’t sure, never used that map, but that’s how you would tell the server to use a map
Hopefully that’ll work

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Pretty sure the mod will make that change (and all others), if it is necessary. :wink: Their Discord is really the best option, if you have any questions.