How to get black ice?

Today I tried to get some, checked resource maps, found some spots (in the map, used this :

Ingame I could only find one of the 5-6 black ice spots I checked! And the one I found was on top of a very high and thin mountain.

I could survive the cold, because of regeneration. But I fall when climbing, is it due I take damage? So maybe you cant farm any black ice if you are taking damage from the cold?

I checked all map, even gone to volcano by first time, and couldn’t find any black ice node I could harvest. Any tips, please? Does it also drop from the normal ice? I got like 200 without any black to drop :confused:

Here it says there are some black ice nodes in the open:

But couldnt find em, could anybody tellme which nodes are easily accessible?


Cant remember the exact location, but have you found the exiled giant? the ridge hes on , theres a path by him that takes you to frostfire ridge (something like that) keep going and you will find loads of ice and black ice along that way. its very high up so dont fall. gl

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This should help, a much better map, but keep in mind will ruin the whole “explore” experience.

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Lots of places with black ice; check mountains around Eyelet Lake and along the green border of death top left corner of map.

Yes, awesome tip! Had to go visit him anyway to learn ymir religion, and at a few meters, lots of ice and black ice! Got like 600 or 800, would have been happy with 100 so…nice tip XD

Thanks, this is by far the best map I’ve used! Also yeah, thanks for warning, but I play since EA release, and that kind of maps existed since day one, despite that, I waited to discover myself things like salt lake which I discovered today (after 400h xD) and many others! Just use them when I fail after exploring and “need it” in a rush, hehe.

Thanks for tip as well! have yet to visit that Lake :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit; Since this has become a very useful guide on how to get black ice, ima paste here another good answer I got on steam as well, so this thread becomes kinda complete regarding black ice etc :stuck_out_tongue:

There is the Frost Temple in the very North if you want a ton of it, I like to run along the first ‘blade’ of mountain as you travel North, one end comes off the SW of the Volcano. There is loads up there in different spots along that ridge line.

Yes, the falling is due to the damage tick from being cold. There are a few things to help with the cold;

1) Armour with a Frost/Snowflake symbol
2) Foods, for example spiced haunch is easy to make and gives a heat buff
3) Alcohol like Fire Water
4) One of the Attribute perks reduces temperature affects.

That said, you can climb down easy enough, just fall and grab until the damage tick kicks you off then grab again.

It doesn’t drop from the normal ice, though looks fairly similar, just darker. Good news is it tends to spawn in clusters so when you find some it’s easy enough. I’ll see if I’ve got a screenshot of the ridgeline I mean.


If you look at the top of the map, you’ll see Eyelet Lake and Dragonmouth, between those two is a ridge line running from the SW of the Volcano all the way towards the Mounds of the Dead. It’s the Mounds of the Dead end of the ridgeline that you’ll find the easiest path up, there are also two paths down on the North side of that ridge."

from: How to get black ice? :: Conan Exiles General Discussions

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