Black Ice and the Temple of Frost

The Black Ice nodes in the Temple of Frost are no longer functioned. Can’t mine them. They sit there looking pretty, but picks won’t touch them. Black ice outside, however, works fine. Don’t know if this is intended (in conjunction with T3 Black Ice building changes).

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Great question. If so, black ice will be a true grind now…finally. 1 run on officials in there is enough for 4000 foundations with current settings no 5 per, and 1333 with the new 15 per. Was way over kill. Even a full iron run is only worth 666 foundations (333 without a black smith) currently, and that has multiple uses.

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I could mine blackice bit above the Frost temple, but don’t remember yet the exact spot.

Maybe there are simply bugged around the temple.
Wanted test it, but didn’t make it there, was over encumbered like so often before, but i will try take a look once there around again. :wink:

I’d say you’re thinking of Skyfall Ridge. There are a few Black Ice nodes up there. There’s a couple around the SE side of the Volcano up on the ridge with the Frost Dragon as well. Might want to check those out too. Not sure if reducing the number of viable nodes solves the issue - wouldn’t this make it easier for an alpha clan to camp/lay claim to existing nodes?

yep. but brimstone is already easy to spawn block. The only problem with reducing spawn points and changing cost, is the game is now fully in control of long time players who have hoards of mats. New players in general will be scared off once they raid (not wipe) an alpha outpost, and then see it go back up overnight, possibly double in size. and then the alpha retaliates and foundation wipes them with 400 bombs. By new players. then word of mouth is officials are toxic. no player base, then no game.

This is doomed to happen with the debug magical eventog anyway, so no need to worry with this one.

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Went back to the temple of Frost and all around there.
All nods give black ice, just the nods inside the temple don’t, they’re just deco.

So grab your black-ice before entering. But the area is full of nods, and you can gets easily black ice for weapons and the buildings needs.

Just at the entrance of the temple, but also all around in the area, all will give black-ice.

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