Not sure what this is

Dear funcom there’s a massive problem that no one talks about but I’m going to bring this problem to the light so the brim stone lakes being blocked by other players all u have to do is put a foundation on the brimstone spawn and it will not spawn this happens on most servers 3210 is the one I’m on and it’s been blocked a little bit some brim stone spawns are blocked if I use a star metal pick which is the best tool in the game I get 3042 brownstone place fix this or at least make brimstone last more then 1 hit 40 brim stone per node is not enough that’s not even enough for 1 bomb I think all tier 3 shout be doubled in cost to balance it out go on 3210 and have a look around there are 3 tribes that have built this maga base over 5000 black ice foundation bases and there are 3 off them all by different tribes we have a massive base are self I think it’s to cheap tier 3 is meant to the top tier why is it that cheap

I am not sure what this is either.

Suggestion, reformat your post so that it isn’t a wall of text and we may be able to figure out what it is.


OK. I think I know what you are saying.

Somebody put foundations on the Brimstone at the springs.
Tier 3 materials should cost twice as much.
Three clans have massive black ice bases that they probably duped to get, but black ice is cheap and should be more expensive (Even though they did raise the costs)

I hope that’s right. Next time, try some punctuation.


NO ! It’s hard enough to grind all the stones and ichor, woods, iron and tar and brimstones to craft the basic materials for T3 building pieces when playing solo.
Your suggestion is completely stupid because it’s only the solo players and small clans on online servers who will be penalized. For the bigger clans itll be just a minor inconveniences, a few minutes more spent gathering resources. But for solo players it’ll be hours more of grinding to achieve the same result.


Bro, don’t shoot the translator.


Not sure. Played for about 4 days from lvl 1 and all structures are T3. Didn’t waste any materials, and farmed bearer drops. Was fine for me being solo.

What he said.

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