How To Send A Server Wide Message

I’ve been hosting a server for the past 15 months, and intend to keep it live after launch. In all this time, whenever I need to reboot the game or server or needed to install a newer version, I have been pressing CTRL+C to close the server down.

The trouble with this is that it doesn’t give my players any warning. Before launch, I’d like to learn how to send the players a warning, to say, In 10 Min the server will be rebooting.

Without needing to first launch my own game, what should I do to send a warning to the players from the server side? The game-server is open in a DOS screen running on a Windows 2012 Server OS.

FYI - The server name is : An Isle Of Pit (currently Testlive only- this will change on launch to be main branch)

Most server owners I know run Discord, and players can run it in-game by hitting Shift+Tab and going down to Web Browser, then

The Official servers can do it when rebooting, there must be a command I can run which will produce the warning on the active players screen.