How to Translate the MOD of Workshop

I am a hostess from douyuTV.
I love this game, so I have a server for my followers to experience the game.
But many MODs are not the language I want.
I downloaded a development tool in EPIC before, but it seems that I can’t export. Pak files.
I just want to change the language in MOD. What should I do? could you tell me ?

I don’t think you can. Pak files are encrypted and unable to be opened, so you can’t edit another person’s mod without their source files.

So if I like a MOD very much, I have to contact the author and get his source file, which is obviously unacceptable to most authors …TvT.
Nothing to be got without pains but poverty,i decided to give it a try.
If I get the source file, what tools do I use to translate it?

@Multigun, I just wanted to ask some modder: is there a built-in multi-language support in the Dev kit? Java programming language for example has such feature: if you don’t just hard-code your texts but make “resources” it can select correct one at run-time and display messages in local language. If there is such a feature in the Dev kit then mods can be localized. I think there are enough non-English members in CE community to help with mod localization in their first language (me being one of them :wink:)

If you got the source files, you would basically need to translate everything from English (I assume) to your native language. You can download the dev kit from the Epic launcher. Translation stuff really isn’t my area of expertise though, I don’t think there is any way to auto translate anything.

I don’t think so. If a non English speaking user downloads a mod, whatever mod objects are used are in English (or whatever language the modder uses I think). This isn’t my area of expertise, but I’m pretty sure there aren’t tools for this right now.

Translation stuff is my area of expertise, so here we go:

If the item names, dialogue, and whatever you want translated are buried in the programming, any auto-translating software is going to break the code. It would be necessary to manually translate the bits you need translated and leave the rest untouched.

Also, machine translators are idiots. If you want quality, get a professional translator to do the job. (Most of them would really, really appreciate if they got paid for their work, too. They tend to be underpaid, underappreciated, hard-working professionals.)

exactly! I’m already contacting the author of MOD. I hope I can get some source files.
In fact, the MOD format and development tools of this game have been harmful to the promotion of the game to some extent…

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