Support of the Czech language

Hello, could you add the Czech language to the game? If you do not have translators I like to translate the game. Thank you for answer

I dont think they will support our small country but if so I would recommend using Crowdin translation platform for this. Its 0 work for Funcom, all is done by fans :slight_smile:

I just translate the game myself, just need permission and unlocked files.

Whole game with all the lore texts?

Or just interface/items?

Looking forward for possible answer from Funcom, but generally bigger studios don’t allow that - mostly becouse language support means not just simply do translation, but also keep it updated for future versions + small chance for them to do some quality check of final translation. But who knows, it would be nice thing to do so though.

Of course all. I have experience with similar projects already. I would keep the version up to date. Let’s see if the developers are calling