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I bought the addon kingdom of the East. Unfortunately, it is without German translation. when will that be done?
If the addon gem of the west is not translated too, then i dont want to buy it :frowning :frowning:

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The gem of the west isnt translated as well.

I wonder why they didnt do that.
Pushing out DLCs which arent finished - while people go on turning these forums into a newly forged pit of yog, going on about how Funcom only wants to milk their customers. Actually not the best idea - however, everyone has been going on about fixes still not finished. No one stated anything about translations of DLCs. (Or is only the german translation missing for those DLCs? :joy:

I hope translations will be delivered later - even if I dont care too much.
Its like one of those soundsbugs. It itches a bit, but isnt worth to ask about. (To me.)

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If I change my money, then it must be ok. I wrote a support ticket. Answer was, I should write it in this forum. I am very disappointed.

Hi, this sounds like it should be made into a bug report, under (PS4 Updates and Bugs) section of the forum :slight_smile:

Nah, rather a tripe thread for all platforms.

Its not a bug I fear. There simply are no translations. Thats all.
Or is any language besides english fine with those dlcs?

this is a known issue

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What? Translation is also an issue? I thought it was a feature that could may or may not be included, or was to be included later. I bought both dlc’s and none was translated to brazilian portuguese but the main game. Regardless i don’t see that as a big deal though.


Well, if one wants to be picks, missing translations on a DLC is kind of an issue.
Even more for those who arent confident when it comes to english…


I see… Well, i’m used to games in english because the majority of them come like this or just partialy translated so i don’t really miss it. Anyway, i can see the point though.

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If I buy a game that is offered in the German language, then it must also be in German. if you want to buy a car with air conditioning and get a car that has no air conditioning. is not that a problem for you? it’s about the principle. if something is offered and the user buys it then it has to be delivered as offered.

Well you’re right i suppose. I guess they don’t see those DLC’s as part of the game but as a separated content though. Anyway, i may not miss translation that much because i know english and i ratter see that as an oportunity to learn and improve, regardless, i can see that it sometimes matters to another guys, even more to those who cannot speak the language. I hope they’ll release a patch translating the dlc’s soon.

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