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My server is based in the United States. I have people from alot of different regions playing on the server. So my question is if someone from Germany or a person who speaks Portuguese or French when the loading screen is activated does it read in English or the languages there Ps4 is set up to Same goes if I post signs. Trying to get everyone to make a clan name. For issues such as blocking skittering cavern. Thanks in advance. @stelagel I should have sent you a message before I started typing this.

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Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can answer you, best i could do was to check steam. At least for steam, both the interface and subtitles are supported in French and Portuguese. Which means that the loading screen would show tips on that selected language.

As for signs, thats a manual player imput, it will not be translated in any way, i’m 99% sure of that.


Thank you. I always try to welcome people to the server and sometimes Google translate makes me nervous I would hate to say the wrong thing .

hey sestus , I don’t play conan on console , but I played a lot of games on console and pc and I can say with 99% confidence that , all the game messages ( the ones that you didn’t edit yourself ) will be in their native languages , but the messages you have written ( like the server name , and I don’t know in what extent you can writte in the server description on the right about your own server rules , those will be in english since you wrote it )

thankfully english (even if not spoken correctly) is a language pretty worldwide so you can be understood by most of the players , it’s always hard to communicate in a foreign language you don’t understand with only google translate , If you worry of saying something wrong , I would suggest you to add at the end also the translated version of " I used google translate " , so that the poeple are aware there might be some misscommunication , also writting in the simplest sentences possible will have google translate work the best , than long complicated sentences :wink:

I hope that it’ll help you , and that a console player will confirm what I said :slight_smile:


Thank you very much I expected that was the case but I hoped I was wrong. Fortunately most people tell what their native language is and I can try and get a message out.


Let’s say that a player is from France in your sever. Your daily message will be always visible in the language you wrote it. So if this French player does not know how to read English then he ain’t gonna read it :wink:. Fortunately it is a pve server and the rules are simple, still the best thing is to ask from your team mates to give you a text translated in their language, to avoid misunderstandings. Closing, your server is US but the French people see everything in French except the text you wrote.

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