Translation Bug When Killing

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU / North America

Since the mount update, I’m playing on server PVE 1502, which is a North American server. Everytime I kill a someone, the name on the body gets translated from french to english. I went on the official server i was previously playing on (which is a UE server) thinking it was maybe related to the fact that the server was located in america, but i got the same bug. I took some screenshots of some dead exiles but it’s the case for everything. Even when i kill an imp, instead of seeing the french word : “Corps”, i see “Corpse”.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Set the game in French.
  2. Go on an official server.
  3. Find and kill someone or something.
  4. See that the name isn’t in the right language.

That’s maybe an old bug, but i only have it since the last update. I don’t care if they’ll fix it or not, it won’t change my game. I’m just posting this in case they didn’t know about it. Finally, the game is not perfect, that’s true, but nothing is really, and the devs are trying their best. I could give you a number of other games with sh.tty developers and Conan Exiles is not one of them.


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Hey @Gavinrad

We’re aware of the issue and we’ve been tweaking parts of the code to make clients less reliant on the server’s native language. No ETA yet on when this fix will be released yet.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Can you name some because I would love to see that?

Devs can do their best, but if devs managment are sh…tty the rest won’t work, how hard they will try.
Why would these devs let people posting bug reporting again and again, why not having a list as overview, but I can answer that question but you won’t like that.


If they really did this, you had prove of my point.

I agree, maybe they should set some interactive app for that, maybe something like that:

would it be worth keeping thing like this alive (no pun, just respect for devs on this line)?

I will not give names, cause that’s not why I’m here for, let’s just say that i activelly followed the development of multiple games that have degraded throught time thanks to bad developers. I don’t know how Funcom is working on the inside nor do I care, and you don’t either. There is always more important stuff than other, and I’m not the one that’ll tell them what they should do. I will not respond anymore, this was just a friendly topic to make devs aware of a really minor bug, and this conversation is getting off track.


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Since we’ve relayed this issue to our team we’ll proceed to close the thread as it is derailing already.

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