Savage Frontier DLC language different from the whole game

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [ PvE]
Region: [no idea]

I had Conan exiles with all the previous DLCs. I set up the game in English and till now everything was in English, as i wanted it. I bought the latest DLC Savage Frontier Pack , and all items from this DLC are in Polish (my windows set language). So the majority of the game is still in English apart from the stuff introduced by this new DLC , which is all in Polish. I want the whole game to be in English, just as it is set in steam to be

0- Presumably (im guessing here ) have windows with another language then the one set for Conan Exiles in steam.
1- Have the Savage Frontier Pack installed.
2-Check stuff introduced by the DLC, for example , in your buildable items the new construction bocks provided by this new DLC: they should be all in the language of Windows not the one chosen in Steam.

Hey there!

I have the same issue. I am French but I play in english. The whole game is in english except this new DLC who is in french.
Also, there is no Artisan Table for Savage Frontier like the one for Kithan and Aquilonian.

Thanks for the report guys! :slight_smile: I’ll have our localization manager take a look at this.

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Heh. Please have them take a look at messages from the server not respecting your language settings either. My client is in English, almost everything in the game is in English, but all server messages (such as “killed by” and, I think, a few more) are in German.

Not a problem for me personally (“You were killed by dich selbst” is not difficult to parse even if you have little German!), but it’s a bit odd.

ETA: This was fixed. False report. My bad.

I believe we fixed this a while back, but I guess it’s back. I’ll make a bug report on that as well :slight_smile:

Is it more than just “killed by”? And is it the whole message or just half of it?

I’ll have to confirm that, I am fairly sure it’s half the message (the “variable part”, as it were), but I could be mixing old and new behavior, so let me get back to you on that.

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You’re right, I clearly haven’t killed myself near often enough lately (now there’s a sentence that’d worry any psychologist…).

I can’t say when it was fixed, but I just tried, and it says “killed by yourself” now.

Though I dare say my corpse is ugly:
compared to this handsome devil:

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Just a quick follow up: is your Steam language set to Polish or English?

It’s the same for me (although with German). My steam setting used to be German, but I tried setting it to English without luck. All items from the other two DLC are English.

For me my steam is set in french but I set English in properties/lang tab of the game AND ingame settings too.

Hey again! Just got word back from one of our UI coders. There was an issue when rolling out the localization that would cause the text for the DLC to switch back to whatever default language it could find instead of English.

She’s fixed it in our internal builds, so it will be rolled out in a new build in the future :slight_smile:

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Worked for me yesterday. Did you include a fix in the latest hotfix?
Thanks anyway! \o/

Rejoice! This was fixed in the latest update! :slight_smile:

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