Huge price differences between platforms

Porque a diferença entre os preços cobrados entre Steam e Epicgames são tão grandes? Na Epicgames é um terço do valor da Steam, e na Steam ainda é cobrado em moeda extrangeira, o que ainda deixa mais caro por ser cobrado imposto.
Epicgames R$18,90 (em moeda nacional Brasil)
Steam US$9,99 (dolares que em moeda corrente do Brasil fica por volta de R$70,00 com impostos)
Não poderiam deixar o mesmo valor na Steam de R$18,90 (moeda do Brasil)

Why is the difference between the prices charged between Steam and Epicgames so big? On Epicgames it is a third of the value of Steam, and on Steam it is still charged in foreign currency, which makes it even more expensive for being charged tax.
Epicgames R$18.90 (in Brazil national currency)
Steam US$9.99 (dollars which in Brazilian currency is around R$70.00 with taxes)
They couldn’t leave the same value on Steam of R$18.90 (Brazilian currency)

The Steam price you see is the correct price (its the same as we pay in the US). The EGS is one third the normal price. They used the wrong conversion when listing it in the EGS.

So congrats to anyone in Brazil using the EGS, you get one helluva discount as everyone else.

What I’m surprised about is none of you have realized this in the few threads you all have made about it. You’re acting like you’re being overcharged on Steam.

but we’re not talking about the United States, we’re talking about Brazil, where the economy is totally crashing and this amount is almost 10% of the minimum wage. Those who have money to spend on it in this country are very few privileged people. If Epicgames can sell at that price why can’t Steam? Or at Epicgames there are only donkeys that like to take damage? It’s not just a matter of switching platforms, on Steam I already have the complete collection, when the economy was strong. But now it’s not possible to buy and it’s not even worth buying the game again on Epicgames just because of the battle pass. It’s easier and cheaper to look for another game.
And who knows, one day when the economy gets better, the game will come back.

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