Hyborian Wars ~ PvP, raid times for work schedules [PC][America]

+++ Hyborian Wars server looking for new players, noobs and veterans welcome! Open PvP all the time, Isle of Siptah, raid times for competitive players with work schedules, active Admins for reporting exploiters/cheaters, one modification and thats it! Come check it out and let us know what you think +++

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This is a Stable Server, No Glitches or Bugs or lag lol!! The community so far are outstanding and Moderator and admin is always active… this map is the one I come to to take a Break from Exiles Official Servers

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i tried it, but a hard pass for me. Took 5 minutes to be gaslit with toxic chat n bombs. Just being honest. Being told to mute chat is just justifying those people and allowing them a platform to make them credible. But good luck going forward. Just remeber, you are the company you keep and tolerate.

I hope you come back soon, after that incident with the one random recruit troll that floated through, we did ban the toxic troll and made a much more accessible and easy and specific rule to see that clarifies, absolutely no sexist/anti-LGBTQ+/racist chat.

The Toxic Chat and Bombs are just apart of the game but the admin has set up chat regulations where they are muted instantly when the chat mod recognizes it. And as always in life we see the Shit talking anyway. But its been Oppressed now and alot of members have came on to the server now

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