Hyperborean slaver loincloth dyed color is off on male thralls

  1. Dye the loincloth of the hyperborean slaver outfit (middle section when dyeing)

  2. On a female character or thrall the color changes to the dyed color. On a male thrall (didn’t test on a male character) the color stays the default red, but the belt has taken on the color given to the loincloth.

This started around 3.0.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Could you share a picture with us showing this issue in more detail, please?

We await your reply.

Tested this in a male character and the dye is off just like on male thralls

The loincloth on a female thrall. Just the center dye slot is dyed full blue.

The same loincloth on a male thrall. The loincloth part of the piece stays red, while the belt section shows full blue.


Thank you for the additional information. We will investigate it accordingly.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Had quite similar issue with hb slaver pants:

  1. dye its male version of that pants for my main char, turning the red loincloth to blue(this is the only dye change I made);

  2. passed it to a female thrall later, but the female version’s loincloth stays the default red, and instead the female version’s skull deco over the belt became blue-ish.

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