I am a PS4 player

Like the title, I and many friends have recently been attracted by this game. I bought the PS4 version and started slowly building my own tribe on the official Asian server.
However, there has been a major update recently. The vast majority of the services of Asian servers are behind us. We cannot play the original world. Other European and American servers do not have this problem. What happened? Is it that the Asian service cannot be opened?

Yes, I have the same problem.
All pve conflict Asian servers show up as invalid. It has been like this for 4 days now.

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This question should be very simple? Just ask the reason why the Asian service is not open, and the message is almost a day … Oh, not strictly speaking, it should have been asked five days ago as a result, there is no answer!? How can I continue to consume this series of games?

So there is still no answer

Hi @gfxzz3000, welcome to the forums!

We’re aware of an issue that’s affecting several servers in Japan and are working towards fixing it as soon as possible, apologies for the inconvenience.

The team is out of the office during weekends, so we always get back to forums posts as soon as possible, usually next Monday. Other posts have been replied to accordingly.


Thanks for answer

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