I am surprised no one has mentioned the invis weapon bug yet

Happens to my wife pretty much every time she plays. Only happened to me once, but we don’t have a lot of lag.

You can even reproduce this bug by constantly re-equipping:


The closest I’ve been able to personally reproduce is when using a javelin/throwing axe/orbs and running out or a timed weapon (that disappears when the timer runs out). And then I have a phantom weapon until I switch to another.

Yes this is another thing.

Since javelins are trash and throwing axes are rarely used, nobody notices it. But stack weapons have several other issues as well…

Just join your server and do what I have done. Cancel the equip right before it is ready to attack. Repeat. Eventually you will end up with an invisible weapon.

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I have moved the topic to the according section now.

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add it to the list of things that will never be fixed.

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Well done! The greatest issue with this bug is that your wheel shows that you have the weapon equipped but still you have nothing in your hands. So in pvp you must have serious issues since you have to unequip and equip again so this time is critical in a battle, gives great advantage to the opponent! The faster workaround is to have the same weapon in another slot, and this will reduce the reaction time to half, but even this can decide outcomes in fights. So fixing a bug like it must be a priority!

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Also add the fact that it can stay the same after re-equipping.

We also had instances where the weapon was completely broken and it had to be dropped on the floor and picked up again in order to get fixed.


You can play on a unlaggy server aswell, switch between weapons and it will happen. It should happen to anyone tbh.

Happens to me on laggy servers more than unlaggy ones tho.


Been on a few different servers and it’s happened. It is very annoying. It has happened to me while climbing a foundation quick while having the weapon out. I haven’t mentioned it yet because it will take months to fix and who knows if I’ll even be playing at that point. Considering all the issues working against the players.


And some people think it’s an exploit lmao

Edit: I should clarify that as I skimmed.

The invisible weapon bug has reappeared with desync again so people think it is an exploit.
Then there’s this new element where it disappears and can’t be used either.

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Exploiting themselfs with it :face_in_clouds:

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@Mayra on holidays?

Think all of them are tbh :rofl:

Hello @SirDaveWolf,

Could you let us know in what Game Mode you are playing and on what Platform (Steam, EGS, MS)?

Also, could you let us know if you have any mods installed? If so, does this issue happen while they are turned off?

Thanks in advance :smile:

No mods. PC.

Here you have it happening to me on official 1111 but happens anywhere.

All platforms

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No mods, Steam, PvE, PvP does not matter.

I have not been able to reproduce it in Singleplayer, so better test it on your test servers.

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