Invisible weapon bug

Game mode: pvp private
Type of issue: bug
Server type: pvp
Region: eu

As you know, i hope, there is a bug, when your oponent have no weapon animation, but can hit you. In same time this bug have oposite effect. If you do not see target shield, you can hit throught it, like player have no shield and he not blocking at all

Hey @UnknowmMantra

Are there any mods installed in the private server you’re experiencing this?
Could you send a video showing this issue in action?

No mods installed, yes i will upload a video later. But this video is from my side (PoV), i just get told later, that i was running with “no weapon and shooting poison clouds”, and opponent confirmed, that he was not saw a shield in my hands, aswell as my clan mates say the same (they saw no weapons in my hands)

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Here is a video, you can find this moments starting from 4th minute

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