I can not enter to play Conan exiles

good morning srs. funcom.
I have problems entering the conan exiles game, my problem is that the game keeps loading and does not enter, how can you help me?
This is the second time this problem has happened to me.
conan’s servants are the Ps4 Official server # 3054 PVE conflict
Official server # 3829 PVE conflict
I appreciate your collaboration with this problem

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Try the Exiles forum: Conan Exiles - Funcom Forums

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I have the same issue but it’s in 3828

You’re also in the wrong forum. Give that link from two weeks ago a click!

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I have the same trabble with 3828

Not to labour the obvious dude, but as noted (twice) this is the wrong forum. No “Moons of Madness” players can help you with a “Conan Exiles” issue. Try searching the Exiles forum for advice on how to deal with server issues.

April 23rd:

May 9th:

Moved to Exiles PS4 Bugs forum.

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I still cant get in 3828 can i get some help

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