I cannot save any progress, the game freezes when I try to quit


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I am playing on PC, steam. I can play this solo or with my partner on the Coop mode, the Auto save feature is not saving often enough and if I quit to make it save my progress, it says “disconnecting” and freezes there for eternity. The only way I can get my PC back is two CTRL, ALT & DLT and force sign myself out.
I have verified my files on steam, nothing changed, I have no mods installed or active.

I just cannot play the game with the thought that, if I play I am going to loose all the time I put in.
Is there a way to force save the game similar to a save button in other games, besides quitting?
Me & my partner are enjoying the game besides this massive issue.
Please help?

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  1. I play the game
  2. It will not autosave often enough.
  3. When I quit it will freeze while I try to get out.

Crashing/Freezing which is making me unable to save, the Autosave is all that is working and its not the most reliable

Well, I don’t know what’s causing your crashing on exit, other then the usual stuff (check your mods, check your computer drivers for updates, do a verify steam files, etc).

I can tell you where to increase the auto save though.

Navigate to steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Config

Open BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini

Look for the line that says, "AutoSaveTimeMinutes=10"

Change the 10 to whatever you want. I’ve never tried this, but it should work.


I am unsure but I think I may have figured it out, I cannot quit the game while god mode, flight or anything like that is active.

Most of this started when we had a fatal error and our old save corrupted, so we wanted to spawn in some supplies and build our base again.

I am still testing this but for the few times I have tried it, it seams to let me quit which does save the game.

Oh drives are fine, steam is fine (First thing I did), no mods, I Mod skyrim so I am use to the normal steps.


Something to consider:
If you are hosting, allow the invited friend to leave the game first. It seems when the host leaves first the game can hang up while trying to disconnect the friend.

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