I can't find any servers

Since the Halloween update I haven’t been able to get Conan to start. When I click play it shows its running in steam and I can see it in task manager under background processes, but the game never starts. I have verified file integrity, uninstalled/reinstalled, and after looking through some forums I have run DXinstaller. Nothing has worked… I’m starting to worry I’m going to loose my base to decay that took me some 40 hours to build.

Try to star with and without battle eye.

Try CCleaner on your register and check again the game files.

is it on private multiplayer server or in solo game ?

So i was able to get the game to open up last night. I got a window saying the server was unreachable and when I clicked next it directed me to a website to copy and paste a code into the window. Once I did that the game actually started up. However now it won’t find any servers. PVP, PVE, PVE conflict… nothing. I tried manually connecting to a server via steam and in the game using direct connect. When using direct connect I get an error stating connection timed out, couldn’t find the sever. And when I try steam i get error failed to join requested game. I am able to start a solo game.

So it mitgh be a problem with the code or what… I tried to cathc attention i have a player experiencing the same ! Maybe you could give a shot on my post to gather people who are experiencing the same.

i hope we would be able to catch funcom’s attention because it is a HUGE issue !

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