I hate to revisit this again, but I still don't get it

Why can’t this person go on the mission?

I know there is a “well they have to be 33%, even if it looks like all of your stats meet the requirements and you have the required resources”, but how am I ever going to get to go on the mission? I’m the highest level I can be. My stats meet the requirement. I’m 13%. What is that 13%? What makes the 13% grow to 33%? Better gear? Do I need 133% of the required stats to go?

It’d be like going to a carnival and walking up to the sign that says “you must be this tall to go on the ride”, and you are 2 inches taller, but the operator says, “well, you are only 13% ready to go on the ride, even though you meet all the other requirements.” And you say, “oh, well how do I get to be 100% ready if not by meeting all the requirements?”. And he says, “100%! oh no, you only have to be 33% ready!”.

And…he’s 2 inches taller than the sign, so uh, he’s already 100% ready.

Is it because of … magnets?



Matching more traits seems to be better for your success % than just going slightly over minimum requirements. But I agree, the relationship between minimum requirements and success percent is extremely unclear to me as well.


If I can’t go, then there should be a clear indicator as to why I can’t go.

The way it stands now, that percentage doesn’t mean anything. Either I don’t clearly understand what the percentage means, or they need to do a better job of conveying what it means.

Does it represent your chance of getting any bonus rewards? That might make some sense. Then the percentage is “your chance of getting bonus” and whether you can go or not should be based on if you meet the requirements.

But then ‘Mission Requirements’ don’t mean mission requirements, as you can apparently meet all the mission requirements, and still not be able to go on the mission regardless of the percentage, which I also don’t fully understand the reasoning behind.

Mission Requirements should be Mission Requirements. If you meet them, you should be able to go.

The percentage? I don’t know what to think about that. It shouldn’t have any bearing on whether you can go on a mission. If it wants to represent your chance at bonus, that’s fine, but the only thing that should govern whether you can go on a mission are the mission requirements and the agent’s stats and whether they meet those requirements and you have the required resources.


Not the chance to get outstanding, but chance to get a success rather than a complete (failure only we don’t call it that). Bonus objectives you get if you match the traits, unrelated to whether or not you succeed or get outstanding, but outstanding gives you the right-most of the regular rewards.

But yes, how that % is calculated is witchcraft as far as I can tell.

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I believe mathing the traits needed for the bonus also have an effect on the % not just the stats. Other than that i have no clue how it is calculated ._.

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Multi-stat missions seem to subtract from the base chance when you have matching stats. One-stat missions you have a low 40s chance at exactly equal. 2-stat missions are 30%. and 3-stat are like, 10%.

And it’s not like it’s because your other 2 stats are adding to the percent - changing those has no effect on 1-stat missions.

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From my minor experimentation, having the bonus traits does not affect the listed % unless there’s some additional “higher affinity on X” mentioned. Two agents with the same single stat had the same listed % despite only one qualifiying for the bonus rewards.

Hm, well I believe you all, but if my previous theory was traits and black magic, guess I am just left with black magic. If meeting the criteria for the stats doesn’t get you reasonable success chances, then it seems like it’s calculating some stuff on the back end that isn’t exposed to us, making it difficult to have any strategy to level up certain agents to hit these missions.

This is of course assuming something isn’t broken.

It’s not black magic, just stupid naming. They’re not minimum requirements, they’re the priorities your stats are calculated against. Your best odds in every mission will be by maximizing the highest of the 3 stats (for example with 440 adaptability my petru has >30% chance on adaptability-focused 3 stat missions).

In the case of single stat requirement missions, the requirement listed generally* corresponds to 33%. So if a mission says it requires 200 ingenuity, an agent with 200 ingenuity will have a 33% success chance.

However, things become complicated for double and triple stat requirements. With enough samples we could probably figure out the exact formulas, but they are definitely misleading. It would be ideal if the requirements shown corresponded to 33% but as it stands they are hardly anything more than a rough indicator. Your example mission screams Nassir, but even he won’t be able to run that mission without at least purple agent gear despite having way higher stats than the requirements.

*The reason I say generally is because something goes wrong in tiers 4 and 5. Tier 4 missions with 200 requirements seem to actually have lower success chance than Tier 5 missions with 210 requirements.

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My theory on the odd tier 4/5 missions is that the mission duration and reward quantities are also somehow involved in the calculation, possibly tied in with the tier itself. It doesn’t change that the numbers are wonkey though.

I made the experience that:
A.It’s better to improve one needed stat over two (assuming same color of gear)
B.That it’s better to improve a needed stat your agent is already good at further over improving his weaker needed stat in missions that need 2 or more stats.

C.Traits do nothing but normally agents that have a trait also are good at those missions

But at the end of the day those are all assumptions

From looking at this thread under Orochi Labs, it appears that, the agents from Dungeons / Regional Lairs or the CE are the requirement (Blaga and Andy the exceptions) - yet even those still need Epic Level Weaponry to meet minimums.

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Also don’t try to use dual gear items. They are bad.

Contribution to primary stat is weighted much more then secondary. Only for low cost dual missions and only on certain tiers you get slightly more with dual items. But more often you are better with purple single stat gear then yellow dual gear.

Start building your collection of single stat gear, purple at least. Find, buy, steal. But yo will need at least them.

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