Do Agents still gain Stats at 50?


I keep getting these yellow “double secret awesome mission” notices and when I look at them, none of my agents have any hope of completing them. Today, I had one that ‘seemed’ like she should have been able to go (barring missing a few materials, but that isn’t counted in the percentage chance calculation), but she couldn’t.

Do we still gain stats on missions after 50? If not, who are those missions for?


Diffrent agents have diffrent max stats. Basically the higher you get the more specialized the agent needs to be toward the mission to have any chance


So that mission is for someone I don’t own yet?

Edit: Actually, that’s an interesting question: Gear aside, does my agent at 50 look exactly like your same agent at 50? Or, is there a randomness to how they grow such that those missions that come up may end up ‘never’ being for any 50th level agent I own, but other people might have agents that could do them no problem?


Yeah, basically. I mean the luck of getting good gear can help but generally you need the right agent for the right job.


Okay, thank you.

I’ve never gotten gear before, they must come from dungeons or other multi-people activities. I’ve just bought a few things from the TP as needed.


Gear is from Agent missions, or alternatively from Boosters.


There’s something weird about success chance on multistat missions too I think. 2-stat ones seem to have a baseline of 30% (if you match the requirements exactly), on that one you exceed all 3 but are much lower. 1-stat ones are I think on the order of 40% if you match exactly.

Anyway a bit of testing showed you want to equip good gear on the mission’s highest requirement to get the chance the best.

I dunno why it gives xp though if it’s only doable by max level agents. Maybe only meant for people with legendary agent gear. The loot’s certainly nothing to spend a few hundred thousand mof on.

Also ftr. that’s a triangle/circle mission so the Faction Agent is the best you’re gonna get as far as success rates, those are her strong points.


Could this type of mission be where the ‘Special Skills’ each Agent has really shine? While none of my current stable of Agents has Kaiju Killer as a part of their background, I could see something like that changing the odds on this one substantially.


I’m pretty sure that there are agents with triangle and circle higher but square lower than Faction Recruit, there are also qualitities within agents, purple agents should have higher stats.


Perhaps the agents listed as purple in the booster pack have better stats? The ones that actually show up as purple in the inventory shouldn’t have any difference in stats from their blue versions, they’re just shiny.

It’s particularly insulting that based on the mission description, your agent actually does have the qualifications to go on that mission. The 33% strikes again.


The “familiar face” agents (7 percenters and Callie James) have significantly higher stats than the other agents. For those purple missions you pretty much need to have the appropriate agent AND the appropriate gear to even have a shot at trying.


Since someone asked if agents get consistent stats… mine matches the one in the screenshot.



Ok, once again a spam link

Stats for level 50 agents are there to get the idea. Some of speculations here are already answered.

As said here, you need “epic” agent to get these done (or even start). And yes, you need the right one who matches the primary stat for the mission at least. Nassir (or Mihas) for prowess, Petru for adaptability, and Aurelie (Montag) for ingenuity (not only they have high stats, they also have stats, affinity or outstanding traits).

And you need at least yellow item for primary stat (dual stat items are worthless).

Normally when you match exactly the numbers you get around 35-36% chance. T5 are way harder. Urgent missions have match-line below 10%.

Good to know is, the chance raises linear with the stats. (So if +30 gives you +3% for the mission, +60 gives you +6% for the same mission.) The real gain varies between tiers and required mission stat. For example T4 missions have baseline around 125 stat (0% chance). So if mission wants 200 stat which gives you 36%, you will need around 333 stat to get 100%. If the mission want 160 stat (which gives you 36%) then you need 225 for 100%. There are some rounding errors and outstanding result chance mess it up a little more, but should be enough to get the basic idea.

Important note is… the primary stat matters vastly more. In dual missions primary stat gain gives 2-3 times higher chance increase then the same gain in secondary stat. So concentrating mainly on primary stat is the key. Agent with 275-225 will still match better then 250-275.

For urgent T5 missions yellow items (+130) are the minimum that at least gets you few percents. Red ones helps (+200) and special items are the best to have (+250). (Remember that linearity?)

Add that to Nassir (with 358 prowess and +prowess trait) to get reasonable chance. Apparently even his 2 traits fits the bonus reward the OP mission.

Blue item (with its +30) is nothing here.


What exactly are Urgent Missions? I’ve searched the entire forums and your mention of Urgent Missions is the only instance of them being mentioned on the forums at all.

I just tabbed into my game after being tabbed out for about 15 minutes and I saw my agent icon on the topbar was yellow. Mousing over it said there was something urgent, so I opened my agent missions. I had 3 agents out on missions and one incapacitated, I stated clicking through the tiers checking for anything different and when I clicked Tier 4 the icon went away and all of my missions refreshed themselves, so I missed whatever it was.


Tier 5 sometimes gives purple missions like the one above with a triangle/square/circle icon and 4 rewards, when it does that’s “urgent” (and not really doable for 75% of agents apparently)

I dunno if the loot is always a green “Agent Cosmetic Reward” but that’s what I’ve seen on them.


Very informative Elenoe. Also, Aurelie is looking a lot more interesting now :star_struck:–can’t wait to see her level 50 ingenuity stat. I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind. Have you personally received any mythic (yellow) or legendary (red) agent equipment yet? If so, which ones? Also, can you tell us which color of bags dropped them? I’ve picked up 1 purple from a green bag and 2 purples from blue bags, but am still unqualified to attempt a mission for a purple reward bag. I’m curious, what kind of luck have you had?


The one I’ve seen (Three dogs playing poker :wink:) had two signet bags and some distils in the rewards. The agent cosmetic bag was on a blue one.


Yeah they seem to have some more diversity than I’d seen in the last few days, the poker game is a circle/square instead of all 3 types too.


I pulled a Mythic from a blue gear bag (from a tier 3 mission, if memory serves). Cabalmate got a Legendary, also (I think) from a blue.


Here’s an album of all the urgent missions I’ve encountered so far. All 4 or 8 hour, Tier 5 missions. The green bags with no extra icon are vanity bags.