I Have a Simple Bazaar Request

Please bring back the kneeling emote. I used it when we got it by mistake way back at 3.0. I can’t get any more thralls to kneel until I get that emote.

And, while we’re at it, is it possible to have Grovel, Warm Hands, and Chalice apply to thralls? Those would be good ones for low servants, guards in the north, and temple thralls.


As a temporary stop gap, look under the worship header for an emote that is not entirely dissimilar to what you seek.

This one especially would love to see the chalice held up as a stance as well as checking fingernails, but in general would very much love a note in the Bazaar as to whether an emote is Thrall usable or not.


I’d like to have ALL emotes to be available for thralls! :yum:

This! :point_up: should be a given!

I never would have spent money on a player character only emote. :sweat_smile: (Did I? :thinking: or was it a battle pass item? I can’t remember and there’s no way to tell because of the irritating item rotation!)

Now my thralls hands have to stay cold! Hmpf! :angry: :scream:


The wiki has how to learn all emotes on the emote page.
If you ever need to rummage for where the cluck something comes from.
It’s a grand resource and a heroic effort on the part of those who update it.

As for all emotes being for thralls, while a good idea, it would require certain discrete action emotes to either pause in mid action or go on permanent loop.
This one is in favour of perma loop for some, but for others, such as the chalice, a pause would seem better. Rummaging back thru to recode all of them might be a bit of a task.


And could we please have this emote? It’s kinda Emote 101 dontcha think?

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I’d be fine with having all repeating emotes thrallable if it’d be too much trouble to figure out how to make a thrall cycle through some obviously one-time actions.


Oh behave! Love em, they should all be in the game. You missed the piece de resistance though…

Funcom must immediately allow us to put Ostriches in the trebuchet, then have thralls at the receiving end doing this… or we shall taunt them a second time! (Said with an outrageous French accent)

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