I highly appreciate the new bookcase pieces

I just wanted to share my appreciation for these new items, I can finally create a true library wall for my manor study. Huge thank you to the designers making these, I love the detail on the wood!



FUN thing Is we now have hidden bookcase Doors and no ordinary bookcase walls/decorazione.

I mean if the point Is having Doors HIDDEN, they should be hidden among COMMON stuff.

If a player sees a bookcase right now he would know they are hidden Doors.


Well, yes.

But which one has something valuable behind it?

Maybe there’s just another bookcase behind the bookcase?

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I just wish there was a ‘hidden-door’ trap out there - a huge slab of iron that will drop outwards to Splat any unwary thief that tries opening it! :smiley:

Likely because perceptual speed is developed in early childhood, so that makes sense.

The answer is another wall! Unless some people have a proclivity to view mortar or plaster as loot…but hey, no judgements from me :grin: