A secret door or hidden passage

I just think it would be really nice to have a secret door we can build in our own bases in the game I hope I’m not the only one


Yeah, that would be pretty cool. Maybe a bookcase or cupboard style door that snaps onto any doorway so it’s versatile. Also, another option could be a gothic or gaudy styled statue up against a wall that doubles as a door. It should really tie into any build style though so we’re not stuck with a door that just doesn’t work with anything but one style. This would really go well with the sorcery chapters.


Something like a wall or a library that rotates 90 degrees to open the passage, yea that would be cool. Still, it would have a press to interact button, what’s your suggestion to remain secret in this part?


Or statues that pivot on a corner horizontally to reveal a trap door beneath :smile:


I would love to see trap doors or secret passages added but unfortunately the moment FC adds them to the bazaar or BP then they’re not so secret anymore more unless they add them during an update for free and not mention it in the patch notes (odds of that happening are probably nil).

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Thing is, with the current construction hammer… this is completely possible without having predefined ‘secret door’ objects that announce to anyone who knows the item that ‘I am a secret door or passage’.

equip hammer
destroy wall section (recovering materials)
enter room/passage or access hidden stuff
rebuild wall section
put away hammer

Of course, want to use a section without decorations as those would likely get lost. and for those that decorate things to the extreme amount, a undecorated wall would then be a clue, but… the point is that the current tools do make it possible.

Edit: however, for strictly role-play aspects, something defined would be neat. so long as those using it understand that by using a known ‘I’m a secret entrance’ item… it isn’t really secret.


:point_up_2:This. However yes i want it :grin:.


In the past the tapestry’s or flags that we could place on walls had no collision so you could build a door Frame and cover it with a tapestry or flag. We could hide chests and passages behind it. Why they removed this and gave them collision I can’t remember.


The bottom of the elevator used to also lack collision, so we would put a trap door under an elevator.

Also by sheer coincidence the large haystack is exactly the size needed to cover a trap door,
but I don’t know what anyone would do with this information. :wink:


They could probably add illusionary walls and floors to the sorcerer feat like the teleporter or sacrificial stones. A separate set of walls that are basically the same as the in game walls but lack collision that you can walkthrough. This could also open more building ideas and opportunities. It’s just an idea.


More of something that’s obviously doesn’t look like a door maybe a bookshelf or a fireplace or a statue a wall that completely moves when you interact with it

Make it feel less like it’s a door

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A possible way around this, would be for example a “book case” that opened, and an identical piece that did not. One could then make an entire wall of “book cases” but only one would open.

You could also make a wall of this decoy item without the “door” to get raiders to waist bombs in insignificant places.


Yeah definitely , I love this whole idea, in fact I am surprised they didn’t do anything like this sooner.

I think it should be a variety, across all the build-sets.

False walls, floors, bookcases , statues, pillars, Chests, etc… all of it.

More variety also means it’s less obvious. I mean if all you do is just release ‘one bookcase’ then it would be kinda pointless for the reasons above, but make it seamless across the board, and it’s a different story.


Here is the issue with secret doors and the like. They will have a different name and anyone with a repair hammer will be able to decipher your secret.

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There is tags in the tables that allows for information like that to be hidden.


Yeah, honestly with a bit of thought, this could work fine.

The repair hammer tag would have to be accounted for, but certainly possible.

Obviously half-measures aren’t going to work, go all out or don’t bother.

Also, while someone could use the repair hammer on a false wall it still means someone has to basically scan each suspect wall until they get to it, that’s potentially very time consuming on a large base.

It’s not supposed to be a foolproof thing, like anything else, just a useful tool which could come in handy on occasion.

Another thing I would like to see, is more hidden traps, but specifically for bases, and defence, such as false floors that could lead to spike pits, statues that shoot projectiles or fire, etc… or walls that crush you, heh

Used in conjunction with the rest above could be a lot of fun.

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As we are in the Age of Sorcery maybe an alternative could be a spell that lets the caster temporarily walk through their OWN walls to access secret areas.


you know… that might also be a wonderful method to fix followers blocking the player… a low tier spell that allows the player to walk through THEIR follower (must be theirs, not another clan).


Damn, a permanent spell of magma wall until cancelation, this would be awesome man. What a wonderful suggestion @XninjaPIX. Yes i would love this option too, definitely!

This is actually what I had in mind. The door would be strictly for RP purposes, especially since making an item that was purposely disguised and unknown to be door would be a p2w feature. I have no intention of incurring the wrath of PvP players. That being said, there will still be some that will complain that it’s a p2w object, despite it likely saying “secret door” or something when you stand in front of it. :unamused: