I hope the game is fixed soon I really want to play it

I hope They fix it soon I really love this game

Well 1st Of all I can’t find the server that I was playing on and if you read some of the posts people are posting they explain why the game is broken

Not for me. I’m running a Windows 7 box and the game pops an access violation message box on start. If you click “OK”, it closes the game right away. If you ignore it, you can play up to a minute or so and then it closes anyway.

Honestly, this is a new low. Right now, I can only express my feelings about this update by referring to a scene from a different game:

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I’ll try it later today. Last night I posted when I was already getting ready for bed. Hopefully, it’ll work so I can refresh the rest of my stuff today, since I only managed to refresh my main base during the 30 seconds the game would let me play.

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