FATAL ERRORS still not resolved after latest patch

They are still not resolved,
all EU servers still have the Fatal error bug.

Please DEVs don’t release this game until you fix this.
Take a week, a month, even 3 months delay will be worth it, because if you go live with this version, you will kill the game.

You will need to provide additional information. What or where was your character at or doing when the fatal error occurred? Or did you crash before you joined the server? Are you trying to use any mods?

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Open your task manager and see if a conan process is still running. If there is and you can’t End Task on it, then reboot your PC.

If not on PC, I am unsure.

Thank you for the feedback you all.
What was I doing? Totally random, sometimes nothing
Where was I? Totally random
I did not crash before joining the server
No mods, only on Testlive servers. Normal servers are not affected.
No BSoD, just a popup with ‘Fatal Error’
Task manager: not relevant, after confirming the popup, the game is gone.
Indeed, PC

By the way, this wasn’t a message to alert the DEV’s if the issue.
It has been reported a number of times before.
It was just to inform the devs that the issue is till present in the latest patch.

I repeat, this needs the highest attention before releasing this to live servers.
If everybody experiences this issue like we have been on the server (we’ve been on A LOT), I can assure you, everybody will stop playing

I hear you @Den_Gun
But the progression in the latest couple of months are great and if you liked playing the game before, I’m sure you’ll love it after the patch is live.
But the fatal error (on average between 3 an 5 times per sitting) is not OK. You can’t expect people to accept that, it totally breaks the immersion and often you lose everything on your character.

So yes, I’d rather wait until they fix this, than to stop playing the game.

@Sting01 These kind of issues may or may not be happening depending on user equipment.

To collect intel (on Win 7) go to Start - Controle Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer.
There open folder Windows Logs - System. On the right click Filter Current Log… Select Application Popup as Event sources and Classic as Keywords. You should now get a list of Events like in the screenshot below.

Thank you, @Ryu-Salazar

No useful information in the eventlogs (I already checked)

It’s not PEBKAC.
All members of our clan, not some but all had the same issue, so I don’t think it’s client related.
Also, when one of us has the issue, most of the time the other have it as well, so I think it’s server side, or a communication between server and client.
Our clanleader has tried

  • uninstall/reinstall -> no change
  • changed from SSD to normal HD -> no change
  • changed back -> no change
  • closed and reopened steam -> no change
  • changes firewall settings -> no change.

I have tried:

  • waiting for 8-24 hrs -> success

Just to give you some background, I’m not a game developer, but I am an experienced software dev.
Running on W10 with an i7 mid range laptop.
I know my name around testing, software and servers.

We had this issue on a regular basis, and have been sending the crash information to Funcom on a consistent basis (not sure if anyone is looking at them).
It’s a common event, like I said, multiple times on one sitting (of several hours).

If someone at Funcom wants me to do some additional testing or needs logs of any kind, I’m willing to provide them.


Fatal error!

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000038


What ping times do you generally see when connecting to the server? I’m frequently wrong in my hunches, but isn’t there some max ping limiter for connecting to official servers and if so, it is possible that if ping gets into that range it could crash you out? I’m probably way off here, but never hurts to throw a little spaghetti at the wall, from time to time.

Also, is there any kind of a debug mode for starting the CE client, to log every step of the connection process and pin point what is happening exactly when it crashes out?

cant find info anywhere…are all the official servers crashing non-stop or just the one i play on…6 servers crashes in the last 30 min

Hi, thanks again for the feedback.

Yes I’m aware of the things you mentioned, but on thing I might not been very clear about, since you mention ‘your server’. It’s the TestLive servers we are talking about.
We only have it on those servers, not on the official servers, or the private one we play on.

It’s only an issue with the testlive version of the client and servers, so I’m comfortable in not spending too much time in looking for things on my side.
Again, if the dev’s want me to investigate some things when it happens again, I’m prepared to do so.

Hey @Sting01

Thanks for the feedback again. Could you send me or any of our staff your game logs so we can send them to our team? They could use them to try to determine the causes for those crashes.

All EU servers at least, haven’t tried the US ones.

Sure, can you tell me where to find them?

Ya I’ve been trying to experience the purge in Single Player but the game is locking up like crazy. I’ve never had this happen in the live client. I don’t get the error I just have to force quit the game.

For me it happens if I tab out and leave it running (because thralls don’t break unless I’m playing) Or early after loading as there is just a lag as everything loads. Being as I’m trying to test a purge in single player it is a bit annoying lol… It won’t happen unless I’m in game… and I don’t know if it will trigger as soon as I load or not. I’m just sitting waiting hoping to see an actual purge. so I can see how it works delete testlive and go back to my proper single player game.

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They are located in your Conan Exiles Testlive installation folder ConanSandbox/Saved/Logs

Hey @Kaziklu

Could you send us your game logs so we can determine what is causing those crashes? :slight_smile:

I suspect it was related to another issue. But I will send them.

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Files sent (PM)

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