Fatal Error Crash & Server Appearing Online, but no access

I’ve been playing on testlive for about a week. I have have a normal server I play on as well, both are PVE.

When I was running back to my base near Set City yesterday I encountered a FATAL ERROR. It’s happened before on both testlive and my normal server so I just waited a minute and tried to log back in.

When I tried to log back in it gives me the FATAL ERROR when trying to enter the game. Over and over. When this started happening I went to Google and looked up possible fixes. After removing all my mods and some mod files as mentioned in several posts, that did nothing.

I tried getting onto my regular server by changing the testlive choice and was able to log in on my regular server and check all my bases.

I changed back to testlive and I verified all my Conan Exiles files through Steam. That didn’t help. I completely uninstalled Conan Exiles and reinstalled it. That didn’t help.

I went onto my brothers’ account and made a new character on testlive and it worked fine.

I’m not at the part where I have put in a ticket with FunCom since it appears it has to do with my character being stuck or broken.

Now I cannot log onto the server at all. With the character I created or the one we created on my brother’s account. We get the message: Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost. Then you have an option to report it or just click OK. I reported it twice, but no change.

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Hey @Malgor

Thank you for reporting your issue on our forums as well :slight_smile:
I have sent your report to our team.
Continuing our conversation on Reddit, you mentioned that you crashed next to a base that had a lot of animal pets, correct? And that this same spot does not give you any trouble on our live build.

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Hey @Malgor and @Ignasis

I can confirm that I have the same problem on EU PVE-C . Created a new character on EU-PVE without any problems.

I logged out inside my base southeast of the “The Pocket” under the cliff. My base has lots of pets and thralls outside of the base guarding the perimiter against locusts.

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On the live build I have a base at the same area, and there is another huge base near it just like on TestLive PVE US3 does. However I rarely crash on my normal server.

I just tried to log in and was still unable to do so on my account or my brother’s account.

I was able to create a character on the European PVE TestLive server with no problems.

It appears that the PVE US TestLive server is hung. Everytime I’ve looked there is 0 population so no one is able to get online.


So since I crashed near a LOT of pets maybe that is the problem?

Anyway, the server won’t work at all no matter what.

I was able to create a character on the European PVE TestLive server with no problems.


As of now we cannot know for sure, but that is why we put these new changes in Testlive, to see if everything works as intended.
It seems that there is some issue causing Testlive servers crash, and we’re trying to ascertain if it has anything to do with these client crashes as well. For the time being, I’ll keep sending your feedback to our team and see if they can figure it out.

Thank you all for your feedback and patience! :slight_smile:

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I just started getting some similar crashes today on mt dedicated testlive server. i rebooted the CE server software and it helped get us back in the game, but play has been a bit glitchy the last few days. We have the usual lag/stutter issue, but in addition, I started seeing character displacement. What I mean is micro teleportations. I would suddenly jump 10-30 feet from where I just was. Similar to rubberbanding, but these teleports could happen in odd directions. It feels like the server and client aren’t in sync and then the server says “hey, you belong over here”, then poof!

I mess around with mods too, So I am deleting all mt newer mods and just going back to my core, trustworthy mods.

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I tried again tonight before work and it showed 2 people on the US3 PVE TestLive server so I thought it might be fixed. But still unable to login. Message of unable to connect to the server.


Same! I have been playing for a while on the TestLive and hadn’t had any issues. Three days ago I was running back to my base (taking the same route I always do) and the game crashed. Now I keep getting a fatal error and can’t log back in. At the time, I was running back with a wolf pet following me. I had just collected a bunch of hyena pups and shale-back babies and filled up my wolf’s inventory slots with these. I can’t recall if I removed all the food from the wolf’s inventory to put the cubs in there or if there was still some food in there. I have no mods, was level 60 and was wearing Yamatai Demon armor. I get fatal error crashes on both my Intel and AMD based computers. I can log in and play on all other servers with no issues … it is just on TestLive were I now get the crash.

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I was able to log in today and play on TestLive. No Fatal errors now.

We also had a lot of fatal errors trying to logon to testlive (PVE-C)
No pets present, Small tier 1 base, nothing special.

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