Multiple "Fatal Error" crashes in a day (continued)

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Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Custom (please specify)
Server Name: Sorcery Nation, Sorcery Isles Nation
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Random “Fatal Error”. Sometimes days go by without a single crash. Some days like today the game throws a Fatal Error and crashes several times within an hour. Had 4 crashes today. Have not been able to find anything I do to trigger it. Happens on both the Exiled Lands and Siptah.

Bug Reproduction:

Cannot be reliably reproduced, but occurs randomly. When it happens once it will probably happen several times that day.

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Hard to comment with the info provided. Does the server crash, does the client crash? What error message do you get, what do the logs say when the game crashes? Do other people from the same server also experience crashes or just you?


MayraCommunity Support


Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. In addition to Narelle’s questions, please also share your log files with us.

You can find it by following:

Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs

Thank you in advance.strong text


It is the client that crashes, not the server. To my knowledge other people on this server do not experience the same problems.

In the short term this problem was resolved because the Sorcery Nation and Sorcery Isles servers will be closing down. I moved to a new server and the problem disappeared. Last evening the same issue started up again on that new server, two (client) crashes.

Log file below. The exact address varies from one crash to the next (0x0000000b in this case), but the logs are otherwise the same

[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for WindowsNoEditor
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 2485.61 MB used, 3689.49 MB peak
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 6374.27 MB used, 7207.00 MB peak
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 9136.09 MB used, 7172.45 MB free, 16308.54 MB total
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 13045.98 MB used, 7172.45 MB free, 134217728.00 MB total
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: ===
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error!
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x0000000b
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:034][440]LogWindows:Error: !0x0000000000000000
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:066][440]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:428][440]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1)
[2023.02.02-20.38.51:428][440]Log file closed, 02/02/23 21:38:51

Regards, C.

That’s not enough, will need the full log.
See if you can attach it as a file with the upload button on top of the messagebox:
otherwise, if not, then you might have to use some third party site.

In any case, typically a hint at the cause of the crash can be found before the actual crash in the log, since the above critical error section does not tell us anything usable except that something accessed a portion of memory they weren’t supposed to so it crashed… it does not contain any hints as to what did this and as such why

What could also help is if you can remember any common elements as to what you were doing, or is there no noticeable pattern to it?

And lastly it could be related to your computer so dxdiag / sysinfo exports could also be useful
Here’s some instructions on how to get both in this post, as well as the one by Mayra 2 posts down

Thank you for your answer. Attached the full log file, MSInfo32 and DxDiag.

Thanks, C

MSInfo32 export for Conan Exiles crashes.txt (1.0 MB)

ConanSandbox-backup-2023.02.02-21.50.05.log (210.9 KB)
DxDiag export for Conan Exiles crashes.txt (80.9 KB)

As for noticeable patterns, I haven’t found any yet. If anything I would say it tends to happen when I am running, but the locations where it happens are all over the map(s). Inside my base, in Sepermeru, Siptah while running along the shore in L5, you name it. I have noticed that on the server my character keeps on moving after my client crashes, because when I log back in I find myself stopped against whatever wall was in a straight line from where the crash occurred. One time that wall was the green one. I died while offline/crashed and woke up in the desert at the starting location.

Regards, C.

Hey there!

Thanks for the files, I’m sure the devs might find them useful as well.

I looked through them and I can add that you DO have 2 mods: Pippi and Hosav’s UI, however they’re most likely not responsible for the crash.
Your game crashed in the middle of the main character animation blueprint, however since that’s a constantly running thing, the reasons could be endless and not very clear, but your observation was quite spot on that it most likely doesn’t like something when transitioning between various movement speeds (aka. starting to run).

It’s not necessarily a game bug either, your files indicate that you have various other crashes of other programs and even your graphics driver is raising some errors, so I would recommend for starters doing a clean reinstall of your video drivers by first removing them with DDU then getting the latest version from AMD

Also make sure to install any updates for Windows, you don’t have to upgrade to 11, but install the updates out for 10. Surprisingly though your BIOS is the latest version, so that’s good :slight_smile:
(if you jump the gun on it, a clean windows reinstall might help address all those other application errors as well)

As a side-note you would also benefit a lot from a GPU upgrade even if it’s just some used 1060 or so, the rest of your system is pretty decent, but the graphics card is fairly old, just barely above the minimum requirements for this game (1gb RX 460)

That’s all I can say for now based on these :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll get a reply from staff as well soon in case they need anything else to submit the report to the devs

Good luck!

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Hi Xevyr,

Thank you for your quick response. The server I am playing on now does indeed have those two mods, however the server I was playing on previously when I posted the original topic did not have any mods. So I can be fairly confident that we can rule out these mods.

I will try the DDU / reinstall route. Can’t hurt. I think Windows 10 is completely up to date, I do keep an eye on that.

Graphics card… yes, that’s a thing. For a while there GPU’s were outrageously expensive but they do seem to be coming down in price so time to take another look at that. I have always assumed that as long as the frame rate is decent that I am good.

Regards, C.

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One more thing I just thought of. Some time ago in settings under Video I increased “Post Processing”. I have found that helps tremendously on Siptah to make some locations less dark. The impact on frame rate was negligible. Could this be related?

Edit: One thing I don’t understand yet is why this problem disappeared when I created a new character on a new server, and then yesterday suddenly started on this new server after having played there for a few weeks without problems.

Regards, C.

I was thinking the same thing earlier so I was wondering whether by any chance you are using the same armor set or weapon with some particle effect or anything. While the crash seems to be during the animation, it could just be that trying to move armor around with all sorts of physics etc somehow proves to be too much… however a basegame bug is also not ruled out ofc and some of the upcoming optimizations (the patch comes in 4 days) might randomly fix it.
If you can experiment with it and try to find some semi-reliable way to reproduce it, that would ofc narrow things down

Well, it is not due to movement. Just had a crash when I was standing still, replacing a sandstone ceiling wedge with a Nemedian one.

Regards, C.

And again this morning. Not moving, accessing the inventory of a thrall. Fatal error. Log file attached.

ConanSandbox.log (257.6 KB)

Hello again,

We noticed your previous comment:

Can you tell us approximated how many pieces did you replace and how fast you were on doing so?

Was this process of replacing building pieces or building involved in every crash you experienced?

Hi Mayra,

If memory serves I had only one crash that occurred when I was replacing a building piece. The rest were mostly movement based, or sometimes accessing the inventory of something. If I remember correctly in case of the building piece it was the first one I was replacing with the load of material I had on my character at that moment. What I mean is: pick up hardened brick, steel reinforcement and shaped wood, and use the construction hammer to continue upgrading my base where I left off. First sandstone piece I upgraded resulted in a crash. But that was the only time a crash happened during an upgrade of a building piece.

By the way, the flurry of crashes seem to have subsided the last 2 days.

Regards, C.

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