Not the Patch This Time

I thought maybe the reason I couldn’t log in was because of the new DLC patch, but for two days now can’t log into the testlive server and often get fatal crashes trying to…please fix this. Trying to get my character to 60 for end game content and keep getting frustrated by the lock out.

I can get to my official PVP and PVE-C servers without issue, just testlive bombs.

The patch is out today… So my guess is, there is no testlive currently :smiley:

That’s what i thought, but someone was shown as logged in this morning as I tried to log in…so I don’t know…

Have been trying to get in for 3 days now, no luck

Testlive is always running @jot29. Unfortunately the testlive servers are not that stable and often need restarts.

@ViulfR which testlive server are you trying to connect to?

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EU3 (PVE server)

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