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After a few days of things going well, I seem to be unable to log into testlive with a ping of 73 after having logged in the day or two before. Battlemetrics shows two players already logged in and yet I’m unable to join with a good connection. I’m not understanding what’s different this time and what’s keeping me from connecting.

PC testlive server - PVP testlive 1.

Edit: condition persists, just left an official server, tried to log in with a ping of 92 with two other players in game, no can do. Being frozen out of a PVP server regardless of type while other players can log in is not a good place to be…

I reported this server three days ago because I am unable to login. I don’t believe the 2/60 is correct because I initially observed 0/60 until I tried to lower my ping count as I wanted to cancel out the ping as a possible factor of not being able to access. It wasn’t until then that I saw 2/60. I submitted a report server report the last three days. I am doing nothing different than when I was successfully able to login to this server. I am sure you are doing the same. Maybe someone will read our posts from Funcom and reboot this server as the world was acting a little crazy before this happened. The world NPCs and animals were are on steriods moving very fast and phasing in/out. I went to capture a wolf cub and had to use sprint to keep up with it, which is more than the usually sharp turns they make. I died several times in the noob brimstone cave because my damage to them wasn’t doing much at all and they were phasing in/out. I had to jump off of a cliff just to lose NPCs that I did not want to kill as they chased me forever and were right on my heels the entire way. This was all the last two days leading up to my not being able to connect with this server even though it shows as an online official server.

Can concur, floating animals and having to take three or four hits before being able to hit back are all signs that a restart is needed.

I too have done nothing different than the usual log in and if the servers have been shut down, they need to just state so up front. Entirely frustrating. However, the two players showing as logged in showed up both on the log in screen and on battlemetrics so they may have found a way to get online.

Bodes poorly for the rest of us who can’t, not much to lose - but then again, who wants to lose it on a test server?

We have been requesting that all Test-Live servers get a daily restart to help with these issues. Hopefully, Funcom will have the servers restart daily to help with this issue. This issue is why a lot of players stop testing on these servers. This is not meant as a rant so please do not take it as one. It is merely meant to provide some details. I love the game and I want nothing more than to be able to test-play on these servers.

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Yep. This is why I am not on the official testlive servers and only play on my own testlive server. I have myself and two other players on my server and even with daily reboots, we encounter some lag and oddities that require a manual reboot before the scheduled 5am reboot.

Reducing the number of NPCs and Pets seems to help keep it running at it’s best, so I totally get why they are doing the new thrall limit soon. This should help overall server performance and reliability, when it comes out. But even then, I vote for the daily reboots of all testlive servers.


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