Testlive US1 PVP is down

Server appears online, but when connecting it times out. Been trying to connect to it since 0430 a.m. Nov 10, 2019.

server still down at least for me. I can’t access it even though it shows online. Even with a low ping count, I am unable to access. I saw the last time I tried to access this morning that two players were on 2 of 60. Not sure what is going on. I am able to access non testlive, but official servers ok. My last attempt to access was today, Nov 11, 2019 approx 0540 a.m. MST.

Day 3, still cannot connect to this server. When first viewing the server in the server choices, it was 0/60 players. It wasn’t until I went into favorites that it showed 2/60, where I refreshed to get my ping count lower before connecting. I believe the 2/60 is not correct. Please restart this server, if anyone from Funcom monitors these posts. I have submitted a report server report the last three days. No response, no indication that anyone from Funcom has read the report. Last attempt to connect to testlive Combat US1 PVP, 04:00 a.m. Nov 12, 2019.

Day 4 still cannot connect to this server. Still shows 2/60 only from favorite. Believe this is cached as viewing from Internet official server shows 0/60 players online. Initiated another server report, no response from Funcom regarding status. Connection attempt today, Nov 13, 2019 0520 a.m. MST.

@Hugo - Is there any word on if all of the Test-Live servers will start getting a daily restart to help with this issue?

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