Stuck in Crash loop -Testlive

So i played few hours and had a crash here and crash there… really annoying and not something im used to see in 2018 but knowing this is testlive server i can somehow accept it for now, but now suddenly im stuck in infinite crash loop meaning i crash the second i get online… so… what im supposed to do now? how do i contact GM / Officials on official testlive EU1 server if they can dislocate me or something? How will these be solved when game hits retail sells? Cos in worst case scenario, that game is over for me now since i cant do anything my self to get me off the loop.


And to try to give you something usefull, i attacked a bandit camp like i had done many times before… so… yea… cant really give you anything usefull what could have caused this.

Ok i did some testing, killing my self (in game ofc) and other stuff but nothing helped


i uninstalled the game, re-installed and patched to testlive and the crashloop broke. So the game corrupts something on user end of files it seems?? Cos it cant be server side problem if my fresh install fixes it right? Can i get any comment from devs if they are avare of this kind of behaviour

Ok… trying to be polite here… have to inhale deeply… i got to enjoy the fine game of Conan Exiles for whole 10 minutes before the crashing started again…

Hi, i have the same problem since yesterday.
When i want to take a look this morning i have not really a chance to log in, also on Combat testlive Eu 1.
After round about 10 Fatal errors in a row i gave up, the Server is anyway pretty empty now just the exploiters battle each others at the moment. Just a few left the last days without exploiting, especially the speeding is a bit too much now. Hope the patch comes soon they say its fixed there. I think thats also the issue for the errors.
When Battleye is on you have more errors.

Sorry to hear that bro, but at same time so happy that im not alone… Yeah eaven tho i can (and did) just uninstall the game now, i really want to play it when the game launches officially… so i really hope they can track down what causes this to some players.

All have the Fatal error problems on the testlive Servers sometimes, but since yesterday and this morning its too much. Just wait until the patch or maybe a Server restart.

Hi, dont know if just luck or something but i did steam “verify files” things as someone instructed in discord, and then i joined a non official server thats a private server and i could play whole night just fine on testlive. Dont want to jump to conclusions yet so i just leave this here.

Hi, yesterday evening I also played a little bit with 20 people on the Server without a problem (30 minutes), maybe a restart was before.
It has nothing to do with your files i think, like i say before everybody has this errorspam sometimes.
I have this sometimes random, but the most time when people write in the chat that someone is glitching in a base or something like that, or running like Flash near me or my base. And then its not just me, 2-3 others also have the problem.
(when more players on the server)
Yesterday morning just 3 or 4 was on.
An half hour ago i also take a little look with just one error before i was able to log in.

A little feedback from the devs would be nice this is my first time on a testlive, is this a thing we have to live with or is that fixed in the next patch?

The fatal errors have been happening since day 1 on test live with the new combat update…I had it very bad a and many others too…few have not had issues…I moved to SP test live and have had no fatal errors…I believe it’s the official servers themselves.