I know this is more of a "bugs and issues" thing, but it's been three days, and nothing's changed on this. So I suggest that login issues become THE top priority. Here's my feedback on it

So there are lots of servers right now that have 10-30-60 minute wait times before being able to log into them, despite only having a few active players on them. Heck, it is also ridiculous that there are similar issues for respawning after death… Specially when your boddy/loot despawns after 10 miutes. I’ve tried being forgiving and patient, but I’m now at my breaking point. Please fix this ASAP. I WILL quit playing this game soon if this persists. And I’m usually a patient and forgiving type with gliches. This is not a threat, I’m just saying that interest in this game is hard to maintain when people you want to play with can’t join for BS reasons or you lose all your stuff for the 15th time because you despawn before you have a chance to respawn. Not to mention that EVERYBODY has better things to do then wait at loading screens.

I have nothing more productive to add then my friends suspect Battle Eye being the source of the issue. Our server can not afford to not run Battle Eye either.